Tuesday, September 09, 2014

the ninth month

WARNING: this is a typical blog post about fall coming! yet. i can testify that fall/winter has been my favorite time of year since... i can remember. especially since i've moved to college. i've been awfully sick the past forty-eight hours. laying on the couch watching movies to an intense rainstorm, **ooooohhs and ahhhhs are welcome** obviously day-dreaming about what has/is coming! uvu men's soccer to be one of them... byu football to be another!
hi, boys! but let me fill you in on some of the awesomenesses (yes, i made that word up) of september! 

// 1. the leaves start to change.
// 2. can you really look at that face and not want to snuggle? *key word, snuggle. cuddle up my friends!
// 4. rainy, rainy season. i love rainy season!
// 5. pumpkin spice everything. why, yes! i don't mind if i do.
// 6. socks! if you need to see a collection to get yours started... you are welcome to see mine. hint: j-crew & gap is your best friend.
// 7. nike! leggings. shirts. shoes. jackets. everything. for when you don't want to get ready. oh, that's every day...? yeah, me too!
// 8. two of my favorite 'M' words. men and motorcycles. alpine loop anyone? 

now, i'm trusting you with my list. 
take it! run! go. do. these. things!!
hugs, hopeful snuggles, and kisses!

Monday, August 25, 2014

first day of many.

here mom! my first day of senior year all over again...! except i have two more years of classes left, so like.... cool! but all and all it was a great day! still trying to figure out the "perfect" schedule, but i'm beginning to believe that doesn't really exist. -- tonight we partied at freshman convocation and it was too good to be true! i love what i do and the people i do it with!

here's to a new year of school, friends, and having a grand ol time!

xoxo, miss

Thursday, August 21, 2014

instagram lately

i think i've mentioned multiple times how hard this summer has been for me. so i wanted to lighten the mood and show you that i really have done some really great things this summer. i feel a bit all over the place -- so are these pictures. so in no random order. welcome to my life may - august!

also. catch me on the flip side! aka. instagram. @melissturner

kisses. xoo

Saturday, August 09, 2014

oh boy.

lately, i have learned something interesting about myself... it's simply that i crave change, but i also fear it just as much. 
which is a constant battle in my head daily.

so i've had a lot of people ask me about this topic recently so i figured, why not explain. i'm sure you've noticed, but i am no longer dancing on the uvu dance team. three years taught me so much. how to love (give or take) twenty girls, how to work harder than i've ever worked, and how to follow my heart. which is what i did. upon entering my almost fourth year of the team i had some feelings of dismay, and thoughts that maybe i was just done. talking with family and friends about my feelings i decided to pray and let the end of the year ride out. we worked hard during nationals session. harder than i've ever worked before, and like i said, i decided to go with the flow. knowing in my head that there could be a possibility of not coming back, i choose to give my all in everything i did. i'm not saying it was all a bunch of roses, because there were definitely many ups and many downs. but flying into daytona beach florida i felt nothing but calm. nothing but peace... this is where people really start to question my choice in not dancing anymore. because the second i stepped off the stage after hearing that MY team won nationals. after all the blood, sweat, and many tears, WE WON! i knew i was done. i have people tell me that they can't believe that it was that easy for me to be done. let me say this... it wasn't. dancing is half my heart. it has been my life for as long as i can remember. yet, sometimes there are things in your heart that just change. I WILL continue to dance. just not a team anymore. 

change is a funny thing people. it comes and goes so quickly. sometimes it's simple and feels right. sometimes it's not. this summer has been a weird one, at that. a lot of change has happened. life changing change! but even this change can turn into something good right? right! i have learned what i want in life, and who i want in my life. i know who i love, who i trust, and how i should live my own life. no two lives are the same, and they shouldn't be. change is coming people.. whether you like it or not. i know that i have changes linesd up waiting for me and all i can say is... let life begin!

xxo, miss

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

gone fishin'

my family is just about the best thing on this planet!... okay, they are the BEST! and who wouldn't loving fishing with these faces?! it was a perfect day! and a perfect weekend and i couldn't have asked for a better one! here's to more summer, and more fun!

hugs, kisses, and loves!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

carni folk and besties

one thing is for sure. no matter how hard of a time i am having 
i have the best of friends to put a smile on my face! 

also. corn dogs. i love corn dogs!
happy week to you all!
it's finals week for me.
pray. hard!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

not a mommy.. just an aunt!

this blog is slowly starting to look like a "mommy blog" but i assure you it's not! but these little monsters are just SO. DANG. CUTE!! 

i got to go home this past week and i spent my time with my boys. thee most perfect week there ever could have been! even worse/kinda the best... they get sad when i leave to come back to college now. 

i think i might drop summer school so i can go home more!

yep... it's happening! i miss them too much!